An 85 year male patient with left leg Necrotizing Fascitis was admitted into the hospital on 4th day since the onset of chief complaints. After extensive debridement of the wound, the first session of SAC-NPWT was applied at a pressure of 125mmHg for 6 days. Following the 3rd session of negative pressure wound therapy with SAC, a 2mm thick Matriderm was applied to the wound. The 4th session of SAC-NPWT was administered post-Matriderm application at a pressure of 100mmHg for 7 days. The 2nd session of NPWT given was given in cyclic mode, where the minimum pressure was set at 0mmHg and the maximum pressure was increased daily from 50mmHg to 125mmHg in increments of 25mmHg.

After 1st Session of SAC – NPWT

After 2nd Session of SAC - NPWT

After 3rd Session

Application of Matriderm after 3 sessions of NPWT

Granulation Tissue after SAC – NPWT post Matriderm application

Application of Skin graft

After 40 days of skin graft application

After 40 days of skin graft application