Capture Meditech Suction Assisted Closure (SAC) device is a portable device unit designed for quicker wound healing through better technology. This is proven as safe Therapeutic mode in wound healing process.

Suction Assisted Closure (SAC) device has integrated state of art technology in providing controlled dose suction (NPWT) therapy for chronic and acute wounds to promote tissue regeneration.

Dimensions 210 mm x 187 mm x 178 mm
Display Digital display with night mode facility
Modes Constant & Cyclic Mode
Battery Backup Backup of 12 hrs to 14 hrs
Pressure Range - 10 mmHg - 220 mmHg
Operating Voltage 12 - 15V
Canister Disposable, Vol 500ml with Clear Gel
Alerts Pressure Blockage, Pressure Leak, Therapy In-active & Battery Status

The features of this feasibly designed SAC Unit Therapy include:

  • Light weight below 1 Kg.
  • Easy-to-use, single-touch therapy on/off operation
  • Alarm notifications can be identified.
  • Canister with capacity of 500 ml.
  • Compact Size for feasible handling.
  • 12 to 14-hour battery backup for daily living activities

Only Capture Meditech SAC ® Therapy devices provide patients with a real-time pressure feedback system with alarm notifications.

  • Adjusts Suction pressure to the wound site, exudate characteristics, wound positioning and patient movement.
  • Delivers and maintains suggested suction pressure with the positive recovery result.
  • Designed to help clinicians and patients identify the troubleshoot suction pressure leaks (if any)
  • Simplified digital display and night mode facility.
  • Easy set up with pre-programmed settings depending on the wound type.
  • Clinicians can initiate therapy quickly and efficiently.
  • Simplified programming mode which can be easily trained.

Kit Contents




Extra Large

PU Foam

10 cm *7 cm *3 cm

18 cm *12.5 cm*3 cm

25 cm *15 cm *3 cm

60 cm *33 cm *2cm

PU Incise Drape

2 Pc

2 Pc

3 Pc

3 Pc

Smart Drain Tube

1 Pc

1 Pc

1 Pc

1 Pc

Polyurethane Foam ( PU )

The SAC-NPWT Dressing Kits comprise specific dressings and accessories designed to function as an interface between the patient's wound and the SAC device. The kit includes (1) hydrophobic polyurethane foam, (2) polyurethane (PU) incise drape, and (3) Smart Drain (SD) tube.

Sterile Hydrophobic Polyurethane Foams, which are made of German Technology are used for SAC dressing as they provide an even distribution of negative pressure over the whole wound bed, making them suitable for SAC dressing.

Hydrophobic construction of these Polyurethane ( PU )  Foams ,foams helps to maintain a dry environment to the wound which can reduce the risk of infection and promote faster healing. This property can help for better exudates    ( Fluid ) removal

The Open pore structure (400-600 microns) , of these Polyurethane ( PU )  Foams are uniformly   distributed at the wound site. This technique helps for suction to remove excess fluid from the wound bed and promote healing.

Polyurethane ( PU )  Foams helps to Promote formation of granulation tissue in wounds by reducing edema (swelling) , as it fills in the wound bed and provides a foundation for new skin to grow.

Polyurethane ( PU )  Foams are designed to prevent the growth of bacteria by reducing the Bacterial Sidle and Odor , by improving the patient comfort and hygiene.

These Polyurethane ( PU )  Foams comes in various sizes, allowing clinical specialists to use them for a wide range of chronic, acute, and sub-acute wounds.

PU Foam Thickness 35mm
Small Foam 10cm x 7cm x 3cm
Medium Foam 18cm x 12.5cm x 3cm
Large Foam 25cm x 15cm x 3cm
Extra Large Foam 60cm x 33 cm x 2cm

PU Foam with Thickness of 35 Mm
Gamma Radiation Sterlized Products


Single use disposable 500 ml canister, with Aqua Gel to accommodate various wound exudates volumes.

The single-use disposable 500 ml canister with Aqua Gel is a versatile solution designed to effectively manage various wound exudate volumes. With its large capacity, the canister provides ample space to accommodate significant amounts of wound drainage, making it suitable for use in diverse clinical settings.

This single-use disposable 500 ml canister with Aqua Gel is a reliable wound management solution that simplifies the process of collecting and containing wound exudates. Its high capacity, convenience, and absorption properties make it an ideal choice for healthcare professionals seeking an efficient and hygienic method of managing varying volumes of wound drainage.