A 65 year old male patient was transferred to the trauma care on day 7 post injury. The dorsal side of the foot was injured and the skin graft applied was not intact. One fourth of the wound showed necrotic tissue. After 1st session i.e., 5 days of therapy with SAC the wound was debrided and the second session was started. After the completion of 2nd session optimal granulation was witnessed and the surgeon has proceeded with skin graft.

At the beginning of 1st session the width of the wound at the centre was around 5 to 6cm, which has reduced to 4cm at the end of second session. The wound healing witnessed at the end of SAC therapy was promising and the uptake of graft was optimum.

Before SAC – NPWT

After 1st Session of SAC

After 2nd Session of SAC

After 2nd Session of SAC